Customize the experience

How can I customize my experience?

We are here to customize your trip and make your experience with us unforgettable. If you wish to enjoy a specific type of music, adjust the temperature or any other detail that will make your trip more pleasant, do not hesitate to request it in the reservation call.

Can I request special drinks or snacks?

All our vehicles include water bottles for all passengers. If you would like to elevate your experience by adding other beverages or including customized snacks for your trip, simply let us know during the booking call.

Do you offer customized travel experiences?

Our gastronomic tours service offers personalized culinary experiences. You can choose between a wine tour or a gastronomy tour in Michelin star restaurants or local restaurants in the regions of La Rioja or the Basque Country. We work directly with you to create a tailor-made itinerary.

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