Wine Route

“A unique journey for lovers of authenticity”

Our exclusive wine tour is a unique journey designed for those who value the authentic and the exceptional. Imagine contemplating the region’s picturesque landscapes from the comfort of our leather seats, while immersing yourself in the culture of wine and fine dining.

Our services add a touch of sophistication to your wine experience. We work with you to create a tailor-made itinerary that suits your desires and preferences.

Local Gastronomy

“An unparalleled culinary experience awaits lovers of fine dining.”

With our gastronomic tours, you can explore the authentic flavors and traditional dishes of the Basque Country and La Rioja. Traditional “pintxos” are a reflection of regional gastronomic creativity, while fresh seafood and quality meat dishes are a tribute to their heritage.

Every bite tells a story, and we take you to hear the best ones. From authentic pintxo bars to star restaurants, you can explore the variety of flavors these regions have to offer.

Exclusive Services

Luxury road transportation designed for you, who are looking for the highest quality services and exclusivity in any trip you make.

AESS offers you vehicles, up to 2 years old, equipped with the latest technology and luxury complements for your total comfort.


Festivals and congresses

Attend major events and congresses with the presence of our vehicles and personnel that will ensure your safety.


Hotels and airports

Travel comfortably and stress-free with our private transfers. Airport, hotel or restaurant, your satisfaction is our priority.

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